Southern Smart

Southern Smart Pvt Ltd. Entered the Mosquito nets industry in 1997, catering to the widespread demand for mosquito nets. As a leading Mosquito Nets manufacturer, our company has reached great heights in Sri Lanka and many other countries within a short period of time. With an existence over a decade we have been able to build a strong relationship with numerous consumers under the brand name “Smart”.

Our strong reputation in this industry has made us the favorite mosquito net brand in households and establishments alike. The reason for our success is undoubtedly the unique service we provide for our customers. Unlike other products available in the market, Smart provides tailor made nets suitable for single beds, double beds, king-sized beds, four poster beds, bunker beds and any other type of bed.  We study our customer’s requirements deeply and thereby supply them with unique designs and structures, which satisfy them to the utmost level.

The cornerstone of our success is the Smart King-size Mosquito net that we introduced to the market in the early years. These nets were soon to capture the market with their unique design and structure which suited bedrooms of homes and hotels alike.

Our recent research depicts that 99% customers prefer Smart Mosquito Nets over all other mosquito net brands. Our strict quality assurance method which ensures that only the best come to the store shelves has helped us in reaching this pinnacle. Southern Smart products now go beyond the shores of Sri Lanka as it is successfully exported to the international mosquito net market as well. We can proudly say that Southern Smart by far is the number One mosquito net manufacturer in this island, and we thank all our customers for placing there trust on us. We hope to continue in supplying unique nets designs and structures

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